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Week 7 NFL Power Rankings

My stab at ranking the 32 teams in the NFL after Week 7.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Two teams are free falling from the top of the power rankings. One is your beloved Cincinnati Bengals, who lost in such a fashion that I could make a case for them to be in the bottom third of the rankings. The other is the defending Super Bowl champions, Seattle Seahawks. They too are losing games they should have no business losing.

On to the rankings:

NFL Team Wins Losses Ties Rank Previous Rank
Denver Broncos 5 1 0 1 1 Peyton Manning sets another record as the best team in football keeps on rolling.
Dallas Cowboys 6 1 0 2 3 6 games in a row for a team that no one would want to play right now.
Philadelphia Eagles 5 1 0 3 5 bye
Indianapolis Colts 5 2 0 4 6 bye (I know, not really, but come on. They held the Bengals to under 140 total yds.)
Arizona Cardinals 5 1 0 5 4 It was the Raiders, but the Cardinals defense looks really good.
San Diego Chargers 5 2 0 6 2 The Chargers were on a roll and then took it on the chin at home from a tough Kansas City team.
Baltimore Ravens 5 2 0 7 10 The Ravens are just punishing teams. They look to be a scary matchup for the Bengals.
Detroit Lions 5 2 0 8 13 The Lions really have the top defense in the league? Nice showing without their top offensive playmaker.
Green Bay Packers 5 2 0 9 11 4 straight wins and this team seems to be taking control of the division a few weeks ago it looked like was up for grabs.
New England Patriots 5 2 0 10 12 Division games are always different. A blocked field goal preserved this magical run for Tom Brady and the media that can't stop slobbering over him.
Seattle Seahawks 3 3 0 11 7 Free falling. Is this the same team that bested the Broncos in week 1?
Cincinnati Bengals 3 2 1 12 9 107 points given up by a banged up defense in 3 games. Sure, the Bengals are injured but these are still professional players that have a job to do.
San Francisco 49ers 4 3 0 13 8 A dose of the Broncos really exposes weakness in a defense.
Kansas City Chiefs 3 3 0 14 17 Don't sleep on the Chiefs, their losses were all close and there is magic in that city right now.
Buffalo Bills 4 3 0 15 19 Sammy Watkins is the bright spot on this offense. Clutch catch to seal the win.
Pittsburgh Steelers 4 3 0 16 20 The defense looked vintage playing against the Texans. Opportunistic and hungry.
Carolina Panthers 3 3 1 17 15 Much like the Bengals, this team showed a different hand in the early season. Now their defense is soft.
Miami Dolphins 3 3 0 18 24 Nice win in Chicago. If not for the lass second loss to the Packers, the Dolphins could be 4 and 2 right now.
New York Giants 3 4 0 19 18 This seemed the week of no team wanting to finish and the Giants fit that well with Larry Donnell's fumble.
Houston Texans 3 4 0 20 21 In an eye blink they went from beating the Steelers on the national stage to giving up 21 points in less than 3 minutes.
Chicago Bears 3 4 0 21 16 I think Brandon Marshall wanted to encourage Jay Cutler after the game, but it came out sounding like "Do your damn job!"
Cleveland Browns 3 3 0 22 14 Like all Ohio teams, the Browns don't know hot to maintain success. While they looked poised to make a run and the moron Mark Schlereth said they were "Favorites to win the division", the Browns reminded everyone that they are, in fact, still the Browns.
New Orleans Saints 2 4 0 23 22 The Aints have really fallen apart this season. Is this the beginning of the end for Drew Brees?
St. Louis Rams 2 4 0 24 27 I love that they brought everything to beat the Seahawks. That misdirection punt return was incredible.
Atlanta Falcons 2 5 0 25 23 It takes some time to figure out teams. Atlanta has too many weapons to score only 7 points.
Minnesota Vikings 2 5 0 26 26 The Vikings gave the Bills a good shot, but Teddy Bridgewater is being hit way too often
Washington Redskins 2 5 0 27 28 Colt McCoy comes in and is the new starting QB for the redskins... at least for one more week.
Tennessee Titans 2 5 0 28 25 Can't be a good feeling to lose to a Redskin Colt
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1 5 0 29 29 bye
Jacksonville Jaguars 1 6 0 30 32 Let's all thank Jacksonville for bringing the Browns back to earth.
New York Jets 1 6 0 31 30 The Jets almost pulled it out against the Patriots, a field goal block slammed the door on what would have been a sweet win.
Oakland Raiders 0 6 0 32 31 A loss to the Cardinals was expected, but this team needs to show some life to get out of the basement.