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There are Bengals fans in Cincinnati, according to Twitter research

Twitter released an interactive utility to show which teams are the most popular among twitter users. The Bengals are pretty localized.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

You're seen Facebook's fan chart before. They list the location of fans who like an NFL team's facebook page. Taking this information, Facebook creates a chart that shows you where most of a team's fans are. As you can imagine, most fans that root for the Cincinnati Bengals are generally within the Cincinnati region.

FB NFL teams

Twitter is following suit.

Most Bengals fans are generally within the region.

Twitter fan chart Bengals

I'm in Warren county (the county northeast to Hamilton county).

And according to this, 51.23 percent of Twitter users in Warren County are Bengals fans. Nearly six percent are Steelers fans and another five are Browns fans. I mean... WTF.

You can mess around with the chart here.

What does it look like in your county?