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Friday Open Thread: Bengals Caption/Photoshop Contest #6

Caption and/or Photoshop this picture...also, the results from last week's contest are in.

This is the fan who ran out onto the field near the end of the game. The CBS broadcast didn't show it, but the young woman came up to Andy Dalton and shook hands with him, and apparently she is asking or telling him something. Eventually, she was restrained by stadium security personnel.

We finally have a winner for the 4th contest from two weeks ago, submitted by JamesShively:

Last week's contest was on this photo:

Here are the winners for the caption-only contest-

First place: nicked83

"Right here is where it landed..."

Second place: FearDaTiger

Mike Nugent off to the locker room to kick his own ass. Although, he'll probably miss that too.

Third place: spif

#2 walks off the field after leaving a big, stinking pile of #2 on the field.

Here are the winners for the Photoshop contest-

First place: mystile

Second place: PW

(Cue Stephen Amell shooting Nugent with an arrow)

Third place: BengalsFury

Fourth place: Hudey97

See this link for the Hall-of-Fame-worthy submissions from previous contests.