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Tecmo Bowl Futures - Ravens Vs. Bengals

You can go anywhere on the web and find what the experts think the outcome of any game will be. I have my own expert. She was born in 1991 and has had my heart ever since. Her name, Tecmo Super Bowl.

In chapter two of the division battle between the Ravens and the Bengals, we see a Bengals team coming off some major struggles and a Ravens team that is firing on all cylinders. Simple logic would lean towards favoring the hot hand but I like to let Tecmo give me the insight to what to expect on the field.

The Bengals elect to receive the ball and pick up right where they left off the last game. Some good defense from the Ravens and a sack by Brandon Williams forces the Bengals to punt.

The Bengals defense is just as stout and the Ravens punt the ball right back.

Giovani Bernard finds some running room for a first down, but the drive stalls and the Bengals once again punt.

At the end of one there is no score.

Joe Flacco find Torrey Smith on a slant and he takes the ball 60 yds for the first score of the game.

The Bengals offense struggles to answer. Incomplete passes and another punt.

The Ravens once again move the ball through the air. Racking up first downs, they eventually find Smith again for his second score.

The Ravens defense is relentless as Haloi Ngata ends any chance the Bengals may have had of scoring in the first half.

At the midway point, the Ravens are on top 14 to 0.

The Ravens start with the ball and Leon Hall recovers a fumble that gives the Bengals excellent field position.

However, a CJ Mosley sack and inaccurate passing game leaves the Bengals with another punt.

The Ravens have no problem moving the ball down the field. On third down in Bengals territory, Vontaze Burfict brings down Flacco for a big loss. The Ravens are forced to settle for a field goal try.

No Good.

On the Back of Bernard, the Bengals easily move the ball down the field at the end of the third quarter.

With one to go, the Bengals are down 14 - 0.

Andy Dalton finds Jermaine Gresham for a touchdown to put the Bengals on the board.

The Ravens offense is hot though and Flacco leads them deep into Bengals territory.

On what could have put the game out of reach Flacco throws into the endzone. However, Leon Hall makes the interception and the Bengals have a shot.

Moving the ball easily through the air, Mohamed Sanu has a long catch that gets the Bengals deep into Ravens territory.

Facing a 4th and 6, the Bengals try one into the endzone. Incomplete, looks like the game is over.

In trying to run the ball to end the game, Vontaze Burfict causes and recovers a fumble to give the Bengals one last shot. With 1 second on the clock the Bengals have one chance to even the score.


It ended up being too little too late for the Bengals as they drop this one to the Ravens, 14 to 7.