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Steve Smith has game-winning score taken away by penalty (GIF)

The Bengals nearly allowed the Ravens to win on a miraculous play, but Steve Smith got flagged for OPI.

John Grieshop

The Bengals won a thrilling game against the Ravens, but it wasn't out without a game-changing call overturned by a referee's call.

Baltimore receiver Steve Smith scored what appeared to be the game-winning touchdown with under 40 seconds left in the game, but the refs called offensive pass interference on him.

Here's a shot of the play in question.

OPI is a cal rarely made, and frankly, there's routinely more egregious push-offs by WRs on defensive backs than this that are never called.

By the letter of the law though, that is an OPI penalty, but it was called in a manner that almost never goes the way of the DB.

In this instance it did, and the Bengals are certainly thankful for it, but he Ravens will undoubtedly be whining about it (what else is new) and the play will be replayed constantly over the next few days as talking heads debate if it was a good or bad call.