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Radio call of controversial play in Bengals vs. Ravens

A memorable Bengals win means there had to be a great call by the radio team of Dave Lapham and Dan Hoard.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Bengals were able to win Sunday after the Ravens were flagged for offensive pass interference on what would have been the game-winning score by Steve Smith.

As you can imagine, the Bengals radio team of Dave Lapham and Dan Hoard had a memorable call of that decisive play.

H/T To Lap for calling the OPI as the play was going on. I'd be willing to bet 90 percent of the people watching the game as it happened thought for sure it was some kind of defensive penalty.

As for the man who was shoved on the play by Smith, safety George Iloka had this to say:

"He had two hands on my chest. He knocked me off," Iloka said. "You can't do that. I was getting ready for a jump ball. I'm 6-3, about 220 [pounds]. I was like, 'There ain't no way he's going to out-jump me for the ball.' He knocked me off."

And Steve Smith himself:

"Ultimately, you hope you don't allow plays like that to dictate the determination of a win or loss," Smith said. "So, it happens. I'm not disappointed, not upset, not frustrated, just exhausted and looking forward to the opportunity to play next week."