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Week 8 NFL Power Rankings

My stab at ranking the 32 teams in the NFL after Week 8.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

This season of the NFL is one of the most interesting. Take recent events with the Indianapolis Colts for example. They shut out the Bengals holding them to under 150yds of offense. Then a week later allow 500+ yds passing to the Steelers. Week to week it seems teams are changing so trying to rank them is almost impossible. That being said, here is my shot:

NFL Team Wins Losses Ties Rank Previous Rank
Denver Broncos 6 1 0 1 1 This team continues to show why it should be number one. Peyton Manning is playing at the highest level and can take whatever the defense throws his way.
New England Patriots 6 2 0 2 10 The Patriots just humbled the Bears and Tom Brady carved up the defense. The Patriots are really on a roll.
Arizona Cardinals 6 1 0 3 5 Carson Palmer is playing mistake-free football and had a couple really nice passes (deep one to Brown) on Sunday.
Philadelphia Eagles 5 2 0 4 3 The Eagles were able to move the ball against a stingy Cardinals defense, they just couldn't stop the Cards when it mattered.
Detroit Lions 6 2 0 5 8 This game across the pond seemed out of reach until the Lions once again made the come back to win by one point. This team does not stop fighting.
Dallas Cowboys 6 2 0 6 2 Scary moment for Tony Romo the way he grabbed his back after the sack. Glad he was able to come back, but Weeden seemed to be moving the ball better at the time.
Indianapolis Colts 5 3 0 7 4 After their shutout of the Bengals, the Colts gave up 522 yards and six touchdowns to Ben Roethlisberger
Cincinnati Bengals 4 2 1 8 12 A big win in the division for the Bengals. I just wish everyone would stop talking about tie breakers. They will not be needed this year.
San Diego Chargers 5 3 0 9 6 The Chargers went into Denver with the feeling they had a chance to play in a shoot out. They failed to score on six of the first seven possessions
Baltimore Ravens 5 3 0 10 7 They seemed to have everything in their favor heading into Sunday and ran into a Bengals team that wanted it more.
Green Bay Packers 5 3 0 11 9 This WAS a game until the second half when the Saints ran away with it. Without Rodgers, the Packers couldn't keep pace.
Kansas City Chiefs 4 3 0 12 14 After a slow start, the Chiefs have come alive with a great defensive front and playmakers on offense.
San Francisco 49ers 4 3 0 13 13 bye
Seattle Seahawks 4 3 0 14 11 It looked like Seattle was on the way to their fourth loss, but a late touchdown allowed them to squeak by.
Buffalo Bills 5 3 0 15 15 The Bills beat the Jets by forcing six turnovers.
Pittsburgh Steelers 5 3 0 16 16 Roethlisberger had a career day and after the game talked about plays they left on the field.
Miami Dolphins 4 3 0 17 18 Beating up on the Jaguars with a couple interceptions for touchdowns.
Houston Texans 4 4 0 18 20 J.J. Watt is the model NFL player on and off the field.
New Orleans Saints 3 4 0 19 23 Drew Brees finally looked like the old version when he carved up the Packers.
Carolina Panthers 3 4 1 20 17 The Panthers had a chance to knock Seattle down even more but allowed them to sneak out of the Carolinas with a win.
New York Giants 3 4 0 21 19 bye
Cleveland Browns 4 3 0 22 22 The Browns were lucky it was the Raiders, they looked like the bad Browns again this week.
Washington Redskins 3 5 0 23 27 It had to feel good for Texas boy Colt McCoy to pull out that win in Dallas.
Minnesota Vikings 3 5 0 24 26 Nice game winner for linebacker Anthony Barr in overtime.
Chicago Bears 3 5 0 25 21 The Bears defense did not slow the Patriots down at all, it took them taking the foot off the gas in the second half.
Atlanta Falcons 2 6 0 26 25 After the game the posted a two word post: Fire Everybody and the fans loved it.
St. Louis Rams 2 5 0 27 24
Jacksonville Jaguars 1 7 0 28 30 Denard Robinson has made the transition from college QB to NFL running back well by posting another 100 yd game.
Tennessee Titans 2 6 0 29 28 Zach Mettenberger was horrible in this game and Houston took advantage.
New York Jets 1 7 0 30 31 Michael Vick appearance and the saddest "trick" play on a kick return you will ever see.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1 6 0 31 29 They showed how not to let an OT end in a tie. A fumble returned for a touchdown.
Oakland Raiders 0 7 0 32 32 The last winless team is going to have a hard time finding that W this season.