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Bengals Bites (10/3) - Odds In Bengals Favor

The Bengals have become the hot Super Bowl pick. The NFL is throwing ref's under the bus. The Bengals need to get through October.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Oddsmaker: Bengals (8-1) have become “fashionable” Super Bowl bet | ProFootballTalk
Yes, Cincinnati, one of the NFL’s last two unbeaten teams, has garnered some respect from the betting public at one of Nevada’s major sports books.

NFLRA Accuses NFL Of Throwing Refs Under The Bus On Controversial Calls
The first was Washington D-lineman Chris Baker blowing up Eagles QB Nick Foles with a blindside block after an interception, a hit that led to a bench-clearing fight. Baker was flagged and ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct, but two days later the NFL's VP of football operations said "he didn't do anything illegal."

Cincinnati Bengals Morning Takes: Exorcising October - ESPN
While one of the bigger storylines revolving around the Cincinnati Bengals this week involves their somewhat abysmal play of late in prime-time road games, there's another equally alarming statistic they'll want to put a dent into Sunday night when they travel to New England.

Andy Dalton eager to get elusive road prime-time win - Cincinnati Bengals Blog - ESPN

Andy Dalton's best football has been played before the sun goes down. At night he hasn't fared quite as well. Dalton has a 2-4 career record in prime-time games. For a quarterback who ranks among the few all-time who have won 30 games in their first three seasons, and to have made the playoffs in each of those years, it's an ominous sign about how he performs on the grandest scales. When you include Dalton's postseason performances with his results in prime time, you see he has a 2-7 career record in prime-time and playoff games.

Cincinnati Bengals: What They're Saying

"I’d prefer for them to have won last week to be honest. Because you know they’re going to come back out re-loaded and hungry. We're definitely hungry, too. It’s like two hungry lions trying to eat. It's going to be a fight." - Bengals Defensive Lineman Wallace Gilberry

Brady tries to keep even keel during slow start | The Miami Herald

Tom Brady tries not to get too high when things are going well or too low when they're not. Good thing, considering how poorly the season has gone for him and the New England Patriots offense. The winner of two MVP awards in both the regular season and the Super Bowl is ranked 27th in completion percentage, 29th in passer rating and 33rd in the 32-team NFL in average gain per attempt.

When Cincinnati Bengals visit New England Patriots, their roles may be reversed -- for good |

The longest night in this dynasty’s lifetime had ended, and there was Tom Brady, just glad to be on a short week. “As quickly as you can, you’ve got to move on,” Brady said.

Bill Belichick: Cincinnati Bengals are better this year - ESPN

Bill Belichick has tracked Marvin Lewis' Cincinnati Bengals teams from afar for years. So the New England Patriots coach wasn't surprised to learn this week that Lewis' group ranks among the best in turnover margin and point margin. Belichick also wasn't too surprised the Bengals are 3-0 and in the discussion for being among the league's best teams.