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Ravens vs. Colts Instant Reaction: Ravens drop to 3-2 after 20-13 loss to the Colts

The Baltimore Ravens had an opportunity to press the Bengals in the AFC North standings with a win. Instead turnovers and an ineffective offense gave the Colts, who had four turnovers themselves, enough opportunities to beat Baltimore.

Joe Robbins

The Baltimore Ravens had an opportunity to overtake the Cincinnati Bengals for AFC North superiority -- obviously depending on Cincinnati's Sunday Night game against the New England Patriots. When the Ravens weren't punting it, they were fumbling it, throwing interceptions or turning it over on downs. Yet despite the ineffective offensive production, Andrew Luck threw two interceptions and the Colts turned it over four times on Sunday.

With under nine minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, Andrew Luck escaped pressure over the middle to score his second rushing touchdown of the season to take a 20-6 lead. Things got dangerously close when Baltimore mustered a touchdown on a Justin Forsett 11-yard touchdown with 7:20 remaining in the fourth. Then the Colts ate the clock with a five-plus minute possession until reaching the ten-yard line where Ahmad Bradshaw, trying too hard to gain yards, lost a fumble at the Ravens ten-yard line, which was recovered by Terrence Brooks.

It was over when:
The Ravens had fourth-and-three at their own 43 yard line with 32 seconds remaining in the game. Flacco underthrew Torrey Smith down the right sidelines, leading to an incomplete pass and turnover on downs. Andrew Luck took a knee to claim the win.

Implications for the Bengals
There are no direction implications today but once the season plays itself out, the Colts win over the Ravens could have a significant impact for postseason tiebreakers in regards to playoff seeding. It also means that, no matter what happens on Sunday Night Football, Cincinnati will exit week five as the AFC North leaders.