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Bengals Executive VP Katie Blackburn "believes in Goodell's ability to run the NFL"

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has been hit hard with backlash from his weak suspension on Ray Rice and subsequent pressers and explanations. Bengals Exec VP Katie Blackburn remains confident in his ability to run things.

In the wake of domestic violence perpetrated by a handful of NFL players, unfortunately capturing the negative attention of the entire nation (justifiably so), NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has faced the most difficult tenure that he's seen yet... especially with his two-game suspension of Ray Rice and subsequent explanation after the video was released of Rice's actions in the elevator. Since that moment, Goodell has faced significant backlash and even calls for his resignation.

Since then, some NFL owners have offered public support in Goodell, from Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder to Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones (not that either one of them are dealing with issues concerning morality).

Bengals Executive VP Katie Blackburn joined the chorus of support in the commissioner on Tuesday night's episode of We Need To Talk.