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A.J. McCarron responds to criticism about Alabama comments

In a week where comments are being taken out of context, A.J. McCarron has been fending off Tide nation regarding comments that his former school is lacking leadership.

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Oh, A.J.

Not Green. He's at the doctors getting the ligaments checked out in his big toe (and since when did we start calling it "great toe"?).

Bengals quarterback A.J. McCarron spoke to Tide 99.1 about his former team in Tuscaloosa. In an article that headlines "McCarron says Alabama needs to find more playmakers, lacks 'true leaders' on offense", the former Crimson Tide quarterback said:

"I think one of the things that this team is lacking that hurts them the most is not having the true leaders like we had last year and guys that, when things go bad, 'hey, let's calm everybody down, pick it back up and go back to work and get back on the right track. I feel like when things go bad, this team struggles a little with bouncing back and making good plays."

Things blew up. McCarron went back and clarified his comments (via the Enquirer)

"It's what comes with the position of playing QB at the University of Alabama. For the rest of your life, however long your career lasts in football and then after football, people are going to want to hear what you have to say about the university — and sometimes that's going to be taken out of context and blown up… that's the bad side of media."

"I mis-worded (my comments) last night and I'll admit that. What I meant, and I gave an example right after I said that, was a vocal leader. So that's what I should have said, vocal leader. I mentioned last night that they have plenty of leaders on this team…. I really don't see what all the fuss was. People are on the Internet, on Twitter talking about me 'bashing the team.' I, never once, have I ever bashed our team."

Welcome to the new age media for players. Say something. Get comments twisted. Then come out and clarify. First George Iloka and Andrew Whitworth, now McCarron.

Is everyone having fun now?