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Which historical Bengals player would your bring back?

Say that George Carlin shows up with a phone booth. Radical. And say that Carlin gives you a mission to go back in time to acquire any Bengals player, in their prime, to bring to our time in 2014. Who would you bring back?

Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

Being GMC Professional Grade is about recognizing those who changed the game. Go back in history and select one former great—just one. Now add him to your team’s roster right now. Who would it be—and why? And how far does your team go this year, with that one player?

With as much attention that he's received this year from a commercial, what about Ickey Woods? He had a tremendous rookie season, earning an All-Pro selection for scoring 15 rushing touchdowns -- ranked second in the NFL (The Rams' Greg Bell ranking first with 16). Woods averaged 5.3 yards/rush and surpassed 1,000 yards rushing -- he had four 100-yard rushing games that season -- and that was with James Brooks who nearly hit the 1,000-yard mark and scored 14 total touchdowns (eight rushing, six receiving).

I know, I know.

Boomer Esiason, right? The consummate leader... even though his completion percentage, average yards passing per game, and touchdown averages are less than Andy Dalton.

Tim Krumrie with Geno Atkins on the defensive line. Amazing.

Who would you bring back?

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