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Bengals Bites (11/10) - Sunday without the Bengals

It was a bittersweet Sunday without the Bengals playing. The rest of the AFC did their part to keep the Bengals in the playoff conversation.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Donte Whitner responds to Jeremy Hill | ProFootballTalk
Bengals rookie running back Jeremy Hill offered up one of the all-time worst insults to the Browns last night, saying Cleveland is "worse than I thought."  After Cleveland beat Hill's team by 21 points. Inevitably, the Browns have responded, via safety Donte Whitner.

AFC North notebook: Another big-game flop for Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton - Baltimore Sun
Big-game failures continue to mount for Cincinnati quarterback Andy Dalton, raising major questions about the Bengals' outlook and the six-year, $115 million maximum-value contract he signed in August. Dalton's latest setback came Thursday night, when he went 10-for-33 for 86 yards, three interceptions and a passer rating of 2.0 in a 24-3 loss to the Cleveland Browns. It was only the fifth time since 1960 a quarterback with at least 30 passes finished with a 2.0 rating or lower.

Bengals sleepless after Cleveland loss - Fairborn Daily Herald -
Coach Marvin Lewis stayed up until 3 a.m. watching video of his Bengals’ latest prime time meltdown. He took a two-hour break and then went back to watching it all over again. It didn’t look any better the second time. Or the third time.

Cincinnati Bengals Morning Takes: AFC North still within reach - ESPN
After Thursday night's beatdown at home against the Cleveland Browns, it still might be tough for Cincinnati Bengals fans to fathom this, but the AFC North is still well within reach. That's right. Although the Bengals played their worst football of the season during the Thursday night broadcast -- heck, maybe their worst football in the past six seasons -- there remains an opportunity for them to repeat as division champion.

Marvin Lewis wants to better challenge Cincinnati Bengals - ESPN

The stage was set for a big night in the Queen City. As the whole country watched the 82nd edition of their rivalry with the in-state and division foe Cleveland Browns, the Cincinnati Bengals were hosting one of their biggest games in years. A win would have kept them atop the hotly contested AFC North, and had the potential to be a momentum-changer ahead of a three-week road stretch in November.

Carson Palmer Leaves Game With Knee Injury

Carson Palmer left today's game against the Rams with a knee injury just days after signing a massive contract extension.

Ball Don't Lie, Especially When Passing To Your Own Lineman

Hard to believe the Raiders are winless!

Steelers Try To Wreck Jets' Victory Formation

Greg Schiano took some shit awhile back for instructing his team to try and blow up a victory formation, and the Steelers took their own crack at it today when when Mike Mitchell came over the top to try and get the ball back with Pittsburgh down only a touchdown. It's just another example of the ridiculous crap that took place in the game.