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Week 10 NFL Power Rankings

My stab at ranking the 32 teams in the NFL after Week 10.

Christian Petersen

Ahhh, the science of Power Rankings. Really, this is just an opportunity for me to create a list and for you to ridicule that list. I really just order the teams by who I think will win right now if they played on a neutral field. The only rankings that truly matter are after week 17.

There is a new team on top. Congrats to the Arizona Cardinals for not only having the best record in the league, but for paying Palmer just to watch his knee give out like it did in Cincinnati. It sucks for both the team and Palmer.

NFL Team Wins Losses Ties Rank Previous Rank
Arizona Cardinals 8 1 0 1 2 Still not 100% sure this team can beat New England or Denver when it counts, but bonus points for a backup QB coming in and completing a game turning drive.
New England Patriots 7 2 0 2 1 Bye
Denver Broncos 7 2 0 3 3 It was the against the Raiders, but the Denver offense looks like it is back in primetime form.
Philadelphia Eagles 7 2 0 4 5 The Sanchize has the benefit of being surrounded by a bunch of offensive weapons and a defense that can shut opponents down.
Indianapolis Colts 6 3 0 5 4 Bye
Detroit Lions 7 2 0 6 6 The Lions are a fun team to watch this season, they are never out of a game.
Green Bay Packers 6 3 0 7 9 That was a beat down of the rival Bears. I am sure it was extra salty for Chicago fans due to Rodgers' six touchdown performance.
Kansas City Chiefs 6 3 0 8 8 It was against the Bills, but this was a character game for the Chiefs.
Dallas Cowboys 7 3 0 9 13 I was surprised that Tony Romo played, even more surprised they left him in for so long.
Baltimore Ravens 6 4 0 10 12 The Ravens had to win to keep pace in a division they are currently last in. Yet I have them as the highest in these rankings??? Shows what to think of the AFC North.
Seattle Seahawks 6 3 0 11 15 The Bengals would love to have a game where they could put up almost 40 points with the QB only having 10 completions. They have the second part down to an art form at times.
Cleveland Browns 6 3 0 12 17 Props to the Browns in the first round of the battle of Ohio. They took it to the Bengals and never let off the gas.
San Francisco 49ers 5 4 0 13 19 The 49ers won on the road in the Superdome. Tough thing to do, even when the Saints are struggling.
Cincinnati Bengals 5 3 1 14 7 They get an F on their performance. Moving on...
Pittsburgh Steelers 6 4 0 15 10 I want to thank the Steelers for helping me to feel a little less bad about the Bengals loss. I rarely enjoy other teams wins / losses but this one was too well timed.
Miami Dolphins 5 4 0 16 11 The Dolphins were hot and the defense still played well. The fact they couldn't run the ball hurt them in this game.
San Diego Chargers 5 4 0 17 14 Bye
Buffalo Bills 5 4 0 18 16 4 times in the redzone and failed to get a touchdown out of it. The Bills were their own worst enemy.
New Orleans Saints 4 5 0 19 18 The Saints and Bengals play this weekend in the Superdome. New Orleans is happy to be home, the Bengals are happy they don't have to worry about wind.
Houston Texans 4 5 0 20 20 Bye
Minnesota Vikings 4 5 0 21 21 Bye
Atlanta Falcons 3 6 0 22 27 At least the Falcons are still in the running for the division. No team has a winning record in the NFC South.
New York Giants 3 6 0 23 23 There is no defense in NY.
St. Louis Rams 3 6 0 24 26 For a team without their QB for the season, the Rams have played many good teams very tough.
Washington Redskins 3 6 0 25 24 Bye
Carolina Panthers 3 6 1 26 22 Cam Newton has just become a target behind this offensive line.
Chicago Bears 3 6 0 27 25 The Bears are falling apart, I wonder who lasts longer in Chicago, Cutler or Trestman?
New York Jets 2 8 0 28 30 Big win for the Jets; all of Bengaldom says thank you.
Tennessee Titans 2 7 0 29 28 The Titans are building a draft board and I wonder which QB is on the top of it.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1 8 0 30 31 Lovie Smith may be feeling the heat. This team spent a ton in free agency to not be in this position.
Jacksonville Jaguars 1 9 0 31 29 Denard Robinson is a fun player to watch and it is still amazing he was a QB in college. Sure a QB that ran all the time, but still, the transition is pretty cool.
Oakland Raiders 0 9 0 32 32 Another week, another loss.