Houston is key game in this trip.

Let's face it. This N.O game is not setting up real well.... Bengals defense is struggling to stop the run, and will be without Burfict again. The Saints can balance the run and pass well, and Bengals have no answer for Graham. Playing at home the Saints rarely lose.... on Defense the Saints can be had in their secondary. The problem is you have to block them first, and with Newhouse playing, and Rob Ryan's aggressive schemes, it will make it difficult for Bengals to get the ball downfield....

I expect the Bengals to play better with the extra 3 days rest, and coming off the embarrassing loss, they should have had good attention to detail in practice this week... but too much to overcome this week, unless Bengals D can force 3 or more turnovers... hard to win a shootout in the dome.

If they lose they will be 5-4-1, but not out of it.

The key game will be the next week against Houston. The Texans are pretty much out of the playoff picture,and Mallet will only be making his 2nd start... will be hard to stop Foster on the ground.. but I think this particular game will tell a lot about how much fight the Bengals have left.... if they lose they would be 5-5-1, and I think at that point, they run the risk of fading bad the rest of the year..... if Bengals can win, they would be 6-4-1, with a chance to play Tampa the following week, which is a very winnable game. If Bengals can take 2 out of 3 on this trip, they would be 7-4-1 and right in the middle of the race with 3 of the last 4 against Pitt and Cleveland, with their destiny in their own hands....

If they lose to N.O AND Houston, I could possible see them only winning 1 more game the rest of the year.... just my opinion.

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