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What ONE remaining game matters the most?

The Cincinnati Bengals have seven games remaining on the 2014 regular season schedule. If you had to pick the most important, which one would it be?

Obviously the proper response is "the next game", considering Cincinnati's fragile position right now. The Bengals, currently 5-3-1, are staring at a three-game road trip in New Orleans, Houston and Tampa Bay. With their propensity of not playing well on defense and playing even worse on offense, would it be a surprise if Cincinnati went 1-2 on their three-game road trip to return 6-5-1?

That said, in our mythical word of prognostication and hypotheticals, my game of most importance will be played on Dec. 7, when Cincinnati hosts the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The one thing going for Cincinnati is that the road trip includes two NFC teams -- which carry tiebreakers, but not the most important ones (like conference or division... though there is common games for division championship implications). Pittsburgh carries most tiebreaker implications. Plus, what would a season be without thrashing of the Steelers?

Then there's the Monday Night game against Denver on Dec. 22, where we'll dust off the "why do the Bengals suck on primetime" storylines while hosting one of the greatest quarterbacks of our generation, who has never lost to the Bengals. Ever.

Who would you pick?

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