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Jermaine Gresham scores vs. Saints on crazy fumble at goal line (GIF)

Jermaine Gresham's crazy score gave the Bengals a 7-3 lead over the Saints.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Bengals had one of their worst offensive showings in recent memory in Week 10 vs.the Browns, but they made sure to get that bad taste out of their mouth quickly against the Saints.

Andy Dalton guided Cincinnati on a 12-play, 77-yard drive on their first offensive possession while completing four of six passes for 39 yards, including three 3rd-down conversions.

The final conversion came in the red zone, where Dalton hit tight end Jermaine Gresham down at the goal line, but fumbled the ball into the end zone.

However, after a long scrum at the bottom of the pile, it was Gresham who ended up recovering the fumble, giving Cincinnati the touchdown.

That gave the Bengals a 7-3 lead after New Orleans' first offensive drive ended with a field goal. The Bengals have rarely held a lead on the road, so this was a good response for them following the team's Week 10 debacle.