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Bengals fan who had ball intercepted by Saints fan gets one after all (VIDEO)

A Saints fan stole a game ball that was intended for a Bengals fan, but there was a happy ending for both.

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The Cincinnati Bengals scored a crucial win in Week 11 after beating the New Orleans Saints, 27-10. It was all smiles for most Bengals fans, but for a little while, it was not so for one Cincy fan who traveled to see the game in New Orleans.

Following Jermaine Gresham's first-quarter touchdown, he attempted to give the ball to a Bengals fan sitting in the stands in a corner section. However, Gresham's toss was intercepted by a Saints fan who clearly wanted the ball for himself.

Per The Cincinnati Enquirer, the Bengals fan's name is Christa Barrett, and the Saints fan is Tony Williams, and he isn't giving up the ball.

"Nooooo," Wiliams said when asked if he was going to give up the football.

Why not?

"Because I caught it," he said. "It's very simple, I caught the football."

When showed the video by The Enquirer, Wiliams had no regrets.

"Yeah, I saw it," he said. "I didn't mean to hit that young lady. I was just reaching for the football. I didn't mean to hurt the lady."

This story did end up having a happy ending of sots, as Christa did get to go home with a football, but it wasn't Gresham's touchdown ball, but it was instead a ball given to her by the Saints.

Good for her, and shame on that Saints fan muscling away a ball from a lady like that.