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Adam Jones remains only Bengals player with Pro Bowl votes

The Cincinnati Bengals haven't had outstanding individual performances this season, and it shows because the Pro Bowl tally only features Adam Jones as a punt returner.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bengals might have started a momentum swing into the second-half of the season that carries them into the postseason... in reflection, that's pretty cool.

What they are not doing, or better yet, what Bengals fans are not doing, is viciously and aggressively voting for their favorite players.

The NFL released an update on their Pro Bowl tally and cornerback Adam Jones is the only Bengals player at the top-10 of his position... and he's listed as a punt returner. According to the latest numbers, Jones actually dropped to third-place. Previously he maintained second behind Devin Hester but Darren Sproles took over second.

Of players with 10 kickoff returns or more, Jones ranks first with a 32.6 yards/return average. And of punt returners with 10 returns or more, Jones is second with a 14.4 yards/return average. Sproles is first with a 16.6 yard-per-punt-return average.

Cincinnati doesn't have any pro bowl leaders on offense, despite the fact that Andrew Whitworth is listed as the fourth-best offensive tackle (left and right) according to Pro Football Focus. Kevin Zeitler is listed as the sixth-best right guard and Clint Boling comes in as the eighth-best left guard... Not that either have earned a spot (we're just offering perspective).

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