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Week 11 NFL Power Rankings

My stab at ranking the 32 teams in the NFL after Week 11.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Another week, another bout of unpredictability in the NFL. I mean, we all had the Peyton Manning led Broncos dropping a game to the Rams right? We knew that the Bengals would go into New Orleans and dominate and the Browns would collapse against the Texans at home, right? Well, we all did kind of know the Browns were going to collapse.

As it stands we still know that this is an any given Sunday league, so here are my rankings after this past weekend.

NFL Team Wins Losses Ties Rank Previous Rank
Arizona Cardinals 9 1 0 1 1 The Cardinals keep getting it done. The Arizona defense shut down the Lions and they did not miss a beat without Carson Palmer.
New England Patriots 8 2 0 2 2 The Patriots have made a habit of dismantling the Colts. This was another game where the Pats ran all over the Colts.
Green Bay Packers 7 3 0 3 7 The Packers deserve the jump after destroying the Eagles. The Packers look to be peaking and are the team to beat in the NFC north for sure.
Kansas City Chiefs 7 3 0 4 8 Five game winning streak completed on the back of the defending Super bowl champs. They look to extend that streak to six this week against the Raiders.
Denver Broncos 7 3 0 5 3 Injuries led to the demise of the Broncos. You'd expect a team this good to handle injuries when playing the Rams. They didn't.
Detroit Lions 7 3 0 6 6 The Lions had no fourth quarter magic in this one, but lost to one of the best teams in the league.
Dallas Cowboys 7 3 0 7 9 bye
Philadelphia Eagles 7 3 0 8 4 Did we really think the Sanchize was the answer? This team is at the top of their slide.
Indianapolis Colts 6 4 0 9 5 The win against the Bengals is the Colts best win. They falter against other playoff caliber teams.
Cincinnati Bengals 6 3 1 10 14 Andy Dalton played just about perfect. Sometimes just avoiding the mistakes is enough to win. Especially on the road.
Baltimore Ravens 6 4 0 11 10 bye
Seattle Seahawks 6 4 0 12 11 Do the Seahawks have a receiver? Also, Lynch stayed on the field for the half time break. Great team chemistry for the Hawks...
San Diego Chargers 6 4 0 13 17 Division games are tough, but this was the Raiders. The Chargers need to play better than that to have a shot for a wildcard spot.
San Francisco 49ers 6 4 0 14 13 The 49ers are putting together a nice road trip. Back-to-back road wins helps keep pace in the NFC.
Pittsburgh Steelers 7 4 0 15 15 The Titans inability to stop the run is the only reason the Steelers won this game. They did not look like a team poised to make much noise this season.
Cleveland Browns 6 4 0 16 12 The Browns will do what the Browns do. Gordon or not, I don't see them getting extra games this season.
Miami Dolphins 6 4 0 17 16 Nice defense for the Dolphins in a good division win.
Houston Texans 5 5 0 18 20 J.J. Watt. Every week we see why this guy is so incredible.
Buffalo Bills 5 5 0 19 18 The Bills have no running game. The defensive line looks solid but without someone to carry the ball they won't find success.
St. Louis Rams 4 6 0 20 24 The Rams beat both teams in last years Super Bowl.
Atlanta Falcons 4 6 0 21 22 First place in their division at 4-6. The NFC south was an early Christmas gift to the AFC North.
New Orleans Saints 4 6 0 22 19 The best defensive play of the day was the fan out muscling a woman for a souvenir. Hold on to that one guy, it only put your team in a 20-3 hole.
Chicago Bears 4 6 0 23 27 The Bears topped the Vikings and Mike Zimmer blames the clocks...
Minnesota Vikings 4 6 0 24 21 The Vikings are not a good team and it seems they won't be getting Adrian Peterson back this season.
Carolina Panthers 3 7 1 25 26 An errant field goal sealed the loss. As Bengals fans, we understand the frustration.
New York Giants 3 7 0 26 23 Calls for Tom Coughlin's job are getting louder. Eli answered with five passes to the other team.
Washington Redskins 3 7 0 27 25 Blame your teammates RG3. That should go over well.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2 8 0 28 30 This is the Mike Evans show. Don't look now, the Buccs are two games out of first place!
Tennessee Titans 2 8 0 29 29 Huge play before the half by Nate Washington. Should have kept the pressure on the Steelers but the failure to stop the run did them in.
New York Jets 2 8 0 30 28 bye
Jacksonville Jaguars 1 9 0 31 31 bye
Oakland Raiders 0 10 0 32 32 Another loss and this team plays Kansas City on Thursday night. They have become their opponents' second bye week.