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NFL Power Rankings Roundup: Bengals Moving Up

The Cincinnati Bengals have an average Power Ranking of 11.5 based on the six major sites we follow. They fall between 14 and a high of 9.

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Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Just like everyone thought, the Bengals went into New Orleans and silenced the Saints in the Super Dome. They were the more physical team, had the better running game and the passing game was by far better. Wait, what? No one thought that was going to happen. Well, no one but Tecmo!

Honestly, it is tough to fault anyone for the rankings of the Bengals. As a homer, I think they should fall higher in the polls than they do. Then I remember how ugly the Bengals losses have been and I am brought back to reality.

The Saints are a 4-6 team. They also seem like the type of team that should have really challenged the 2014 Bengals. They boast a strong running game with Mark Ingram. They have a top tier quarterback in Drew Brees. They also have probably the best tight end in the NFC in Jimmy Graham. However, none of these things mattered as the Bengals kicked some tail in the Dome.

This is usually the type of game that doesn't go well for the Bengals. The Saints lost the previous week and were looking to rebound. Brees could have followed the lead of Tom Brady and used the Bengals as a springboard to get his season back on track. Fans should be happy with the way this team showed up.

Take a look at where each of the publications listed below ranked the Bengals after their Week 11 performance. Click through to read their thoughts on the rankings. Be positive that the Bengals will continue their solid play in Houston.

PUBLICATION Current Last Week Change
ESPN 13 16 +3
Fox Sports 14 18 +4
USA Today 12 16 +4
CBS Sports 9 12 +3 11 14 +3
SB Nation 10 15 +5
11.5 15.2 +3.7