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Oakland Raiders Fans Begin Petition For Team To Hire Bengals OC Hue Jackson In 2015

Fans of the Oakland Raiders are disenfranchised with the direction of the organization and have decided to publicly petition for the team to re-hire current Bengals offensive coordinator Hue Jackson as their next head coach.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland Raiders broke a dubious streak this week on Thursday Night Football with their unexpected win over the Kansas City Chiefs. The Silver and Black had gone an entire football season without winning a game (16 contests from 2013-2014) before coming out on top of their division rivals. Since the team won the AFC Championship after the 2002 season, they have had major struggles, to say the least.

A big part of the problem lies in the coaching carousel that the organization seemingly loves to ride. Since that magical 2002 season, the team has had eight coaches come and go, exemplifying the chaotic nature of the team. One of those former head coaches is now the offensive coordinator in Cincinnati, and some still wonder if Hue Jackson ever got a fair shake in Oakland.

His lone season as the Raiders head guy is marked by both major positives and question marks that evoke laughter. An 8-8 finish in his first season was an accomplishment in its own right, but Jackson's tenure will mostly be known for the blockbuster trade deal with the Bengals and quarterback Carson Palmer.

Even with those memories, Jackson is apparently still near and dear to the hearts of Raiders fans.

When the Bengals went on their three-game tear to start the season, Jackson's name began surfacing as a hot one for any 2015 head coaching vacancies. But, as the offense sputtered through stretches of the middle part of the season, the chatter quieted for the most part. Not in Oakland, though, apparently.

The Bengals organization is familiar with fans' public petitions on matters about the club, such as planes flying over practice and other "project mayhem-like" stunts. But, since the Bengals have been to three consecutive playoff appearances and are heading for a fourth, things have quieted down on that front.

If the Bengals' 17th-ranked offense (No. 21 passing, No. 9 rushing) can get some momentum toward the latter part of the season, Jackson's name could become a hot one again. However, it might be unlikely that Jackson would be offered the Raiders job again from the Davis family, known for harboring grudges and the like. Stranger things have happened though and the fans will want their voices heard.