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Bengals Bites (11/23) - Playoff Implications

The Bengals game in Houston carries some significant playoff implications. The fan that lost a ball in New Orleans gained 7 autographed jerseys.

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Bengals-Texans game carries significant playoff implications | ProFootballTalk
There may be no game on today's schedule that has a great chance of affecting both teams' chances of making the playoffs than the Bengals-Texans game that will kick off in Houston at 1 p.m. Eastern.

Cincinnati Bengals Vs. Houston Texans: What To Look For
The Houston Texans won perhaps in one of their best outings this season as far as performance against the Cleveland Browns. It seemed as if all of the team was clicking on all cylinders. Although their play was far from perfect, it definitely showed that this team can knuckle down and concentrate at the task at hand.

NEW ORLEANS: Saints fan, Bengals fan make up over coffee and beignets | Living | The Sun Herald
New Orleans Saints fan Tony Williams and Cincinnati Bengals fan Christa Barrett, the two figures behind a ball-snatching incident during last Sunday's Bengals-Saints game that captured the attention of the nation, had a friendly sit down over coffee and beignets in an effort to put the incident behind them.

Bengals try to ward off Deja Blue
Never mind going back to the House of Horrors Sunday (1 p.m.-Cincinnati’s Channel 12) when the Bengals go to the Texans’ NRG Stadium. Never mind that. The Texans have the running game from Hades. This time the Bengals may get an edge from a coach who has come over from the other side. Throw in veterans like nose tackle Domata Peko and  his film study that has encompassed the good, the bad, and the ugly of the series and the Bengals are hoping to turn the tide instead of going out with it.

Bengals fan gets seven autographed jerseys from Cincinnati to make up for ball snatching at Saints game |
Cincinnati Bengals fan Christa Barrett, who had Jermaine Gresham's touchdown ball snatched by New Orleans Saints fan Tony Williams last Sunday, got more than a ball from the Bengals recently. Gresham apologized to Barrett via Twitter immediately following the game and said, "I'll make sure you guys receive something greater for compensation."

Jameis Winston Somehow Got Away With Shoving An Official
I guess he said "sorry"?