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A.J. Green to Texans DB A.J. Bouye: "You better get somebody else on me" (VIDEO)

Texans cornerback A.J. Bouye has not impressed A.J. Green thus far.

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

The Bengals got off to a quick against the Texans thanks in large part to some clutch third-down conversions b A.J. Green.

With Houston being without starting cornerback Kareem Jackson, that's left the Texans deleted in the secondary enough that they've not only been leaving Green covered one-on-one, but also with at-best average DBs covering him.

Count A.J. Bouye as one of them, who Green has not been impressed with thus far.

On the Bengals' first scoring drive, Green made a third-down reception over Bouye, than proceeded to tell he and the Texans that they need somebody else covering the All-Pro receiver.

If the Texans keep leaving single-coverage on Green, he'll continue to torch them and be unimpressed. Green hasn't been the only one making plays against the depleted Texans secondary though, as Mohamed Sanu caught a touchdown to give the Bengals a 7-0 lead that Green's catch over Bouye made possible.