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Katy Perry gets Super Bowl XLIX halftime gig

The announcement was made on Sunday Night Football that Katy Perry is performing the halftime show of this year's Super Bowl.

Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

We now know who will be performing the halftime show in this year's Super Bowl, and it will be pop star Katy Perry. The announcement was made on Sunday Night Football during halftime of the New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys game.

Prior to making the selection official, the NFL had reportedly narrowed down the list of musicians who could perform live at halftime of the 2015 Super Bowl down to Perry, Rihanna and Coldplay. Like her or hate he, Perry is one of the world's most popular musicians, and the league wants their halftime performer to attract the most viewers they can possibly get.

That said, last person Bengals fans want to see singing in the Super Bowl would be Katy Perry.

Oh well. I'm sure they'll be able to tolerate Perry singing "Roar" if the Bengals are actually playing in the big game. I'm sure Cincy fans would settle for Perry doing the halftime show in that instance.