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NFL Fantasy Football Waiver Wire: Week 13 RB adds and drops

The fantasy football playoffs are closing in following the NFL Week 12 action, it's time to add players capable of contributing to a championship-winning team.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Cincy Jungle gives you its Week 13 NFL Fantasy Football NFL Waiver Wire adds and drops. With leagues entering the playoffs this week and next, see which players you need to bolster your roster, and which you need to part ways with heading into Week 13.


Isaiah Crowell

The Cleveland running back keeps proving fantasy leagues wrong, or at least 72.6 percent of them. He also made the 15.1 percent of his owners who started him very happy, as he has done over the past few weeks. The number of leagues in which he is owned has barely increased over the last two weeks, so you can almost bet that he's still available in yours.

Crowell had 88 yards on just 12 carries, adding two touchdowns to his stat line. The Browns are continually turning to their running game to make the difference in games, and with the release of Ben Tate, his workload is sure to remain steady.

C.J. Anderson

139 yards on 25 carries with a touchdown. Four catches for 28 yards. Again, you'll want to pick this guy up ASAP. Even after our advice last week, he is still owned in just 59.5 percent of leagues (stared in 47.1 percent). He continues to prove his ability as a No. 1 or No. 2 (at worst) Fantasy RB, and the stat line just seems to get better every week.

Anderson has become a weapon both on the ground and through the air – last week, he was Manning's No. 3 targeted receiver, picking up 86 yards on several catch-and-runs. This week's 139 yards only helps to solidify his talent in both facets of the Broncos offense.

Latavius Murray

He won't be the Murray most talked about this season in Fantasy by any stretch of the imagination, but he's definitely worth a look as you prepare for your playoffs. Last week, he had 112 yards on four carries, with two touchdowns, showcasing his explosiveness, and aiding a Raiders run attack that hasn't had much to be excited about this season. He's a risky pick-up after just one game, but keep an eye on his concussion status. If he's good to go, consider picking him up for his massive upside. He's owned in a mere 1.5 percent of leagues.


Alfred Blue

Though he set the Fantasy world on fire against the Browns, he came flaming back down to Earth against Cincinnati last week. He accumulated just 46 yards on 16 carries, with no scores. With Arian Foster almost certain to be a healthy go for Week 13, Blue's carries are about to fall off the edge of Houston's game-plan. He was nice to have around for a little while, but it's probably best to drop him from your roster.

Branden Oliver

Oliver is owned in 45 percent of Fantasy leagues, and therefore, people in 45 percent of Fantasy leagues may be doing something wrong. Oliver has dropped off in a big way since the beginning of the season, as Ryan Mathews has effectively take over the running attack for the Chargers.

Following his poor performance against the Raiders, it's clear that Mathews will be getting the vast majority of the carries from here on out. And what carries Oliver will get aren't made the most of – or not as fantasy owners see things.

Steven Jackson

Jackson has seemingly lost his luster more and more as the season has gone on. Despite a few bigger games that have given his fantasy owners reason to keep him around, it has ultimately all been false hope, as the consistency is no longer there.

Despite his score Sunday against the Browns, 34 yards on 16 carries isn't going to cut it for the Fantasy stat line, especially with the unfortunate promise of shared carries. Dropping him for a more consistent back, and more importantly, one that will get more opportunities in the ground game, would be a good move.