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Ryan Mallett gutted though torn pec vs. Bengals; Season is over

The Texans have lost starting quarterback Ryan Mallett in addition to Sunday's loss at home to the Bengals.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

You have to give credit to Houston Texans quarterback Ryan Mallett, who apparently played with a torn pectoral muscle against the Cincinnati Bengals. That takes some major guts to do, but it sadly may cost him his season.

According to media report, Mallett is expected to miss the rest of the season after he suffered a torn pectoral muscle at some point in the past week. He still went on to play through the pain against the Bengals, only to make it worse enough that it's now expected to cost him the rest of the year.

The Houston Chronicle's John McClain reports Mallett suffered the injury in a Week 11 win over the Cleveland Browns, while NFL Network's Ian Rapoport says he got hurt during pre-game warmups prior to the Bengals game.

Either way, the Texans may have also lost their starting quarterback in addition to Sunday's loss at home to Cincinnati. Mallett was wildly inaccurate in the loss, completing just 21 of 45 passes (46.7%) for 189 yards (4.2 yards per pass) and one interception.

You can't really blame Mallett though if he did indeed play through a torn pec. The real blame should be on the coaches for allowing him to do so. Ryan Fitzpatrick is by no means a great option at QB, but he's certainly better than most QBs, if they were playing with a torn pec.