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Week 12 NFL Power Rankings

My stab at ranking the 32 teams in the NFL after Week 12.

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Another week adds a little more clarity to the rankings of the NFL teams. The AFC North is still an interesting division where every team is at least 3 games above .500. Compare that to the NFC South where every team is at least 3 games below .500. There is a good chance the last place team in the AFC North has a better record and has beaten the first place team in the NFC South.

Anyway, on to this weeks rankings. As always, feel free to blast me in the comments.

NFL Team Wins Losses Ties Rank Previous Rank
New England Patriots 9 2 0 1 2 The New England Patriots have not only been winning, they have been dominating every team. Far and away the best team in the NFL.
Arizona Cardinals 9 2 0 2 1 The Cardinals played the Seahawks on the road but only managed 3 points.
Green Bay Packers 8 3 0 3 3 The Packers run game has come to life. Eddie Lacy will help this offense continue to roll.
Denver Broncos 8 3 0 4 5 Denver wins, but is anyone impressed? They needed a huge 4th quarter to eek out a 3 point win against the Dolphins.
Dallas Cowboys 8 3 0 5 7 Big game on Thanksgiving between the Eagles and Cowboys for the drivers seat in the division.
Philadelphia Eagles 8 3 0 6 8 Big game on Thanksgiving between the Eagles and Cowboys for the drivers seat in the division.
Indianapolis Colts 7 4 0 7 9 The Colts beat up on the Jaguars, no style points for that matchup. The defense did stuff the Jags offense all day.
Cincinnati Bengals 7 3 1 8 10 The Bengals continue to win on the road and are a pretty hot team right now.
Seattle Seahawks 7 4 0 9 12 Big win for the Hawks to get back on track. Beating the Cardinals isn't an easy thing to do.
Baltimore Ravens 7 4 0 10 11 The Ravens continued the trend of beating the Saints at home. Steve Smith would prefer to fight than play football it seems.
Kansas City Chiefs 7 4 0 11 4 Scary news for Eric Berry and how do you lose to the Raiders?
Detroit Lions 7 4 0 12 6 3 field goals for this offense is sad. The Defense also could not hold up against the Patriots.
San Diego Chargers 7 4 0 13 13 Bad turnovers left this game wide open for the Rams until the very end.
San Francisco 49ers 7 4 0 14 14 If the 49ers want to be taken seriously, they need to beat struggling teams at home. They did win, but it was ugly against the Redskins.
Pittsburgh Steelers 7 4 0 15 15 Bye
Cleveland Browns 7 4 0 16 16 Cleveland tried their hardest to give this game away, but Atlanta wouldn't have it. Mike Smith is feeling the heat.
Buffalo Bills 6 5 0 17 19 The Bills just destroyed the Jets in every phase of the game. When does Rex Ryan get fired?
Miami Dolphins 6 5 0 18 17 The Dolphins hung with the Broncos and almost made a great comeback at the end.
Houston Texans 5 6 0 19 18 Ryan Mallett playing with a torn pectoral muscle. The Texans fall to the Bengals in their home stadium where they couldn't get much going.
Chicago Bears 5 6 0 20 23 204 yds of offense for the Bears in their win. That is not going to cut it going forward.
St. Louis Rams 4 7 0 21 20 Goal line interception to end the game was a terrible decision. At the very worst you were facing overtime.
Atlanta Falcons 4 7 0 22 21 The talk is of clock management, but this is not a good football team.
New Orleans Saints 4 7 0 23 22 4 and 7 leads the division. Very real possibility a team 2 games under .500 hosts a playoff game.
Minnesota Vikings 4 7 0 24 24 The Vikings could do nothing against the Packers who looked like they struggled to cover receivers. It doesn't matter when your QB can't throw an accurate pass.
New York Giants 3 8 0 25 26 Everyone is talking about the catch, but no one will remember the Giants lost the game.
Carolina Panthers 3 7 1 26 25 bye
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2 9 0 27 28 In a game filled with a lack of offense, the Buccs out stunk the Bears.
Washington Redskins 3 8 0 28 27 The soap opera of Jay Gruden and RGIII is getting interesting. Which man does the organization side with?
Tennessee Titans 2 9 0 29 29 Buzzsawed by an Eagles team that can score in bunches.
New York Jets 2 9 0 30 30 The Jets are a terrible football team. And, they beat the Steelers.
Oakland Raiders 1 10 0 31 32 Thursday night felt like a Super Bowl win for the Raiders. Congrats on your 1 -10.
Jacksonville Jaguars 1 10 0 32 31 A bad football team that shows little promise for the future.