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Bengals could get Tyler Eifert back for NFL Playoffs

If he Bengals make it to the NFL playoffs, that could give tight end Tyler Eifert a chance to return this season.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bengals offense is beginning to click just in time for the final stretch of the regular season. Thus far, they've done so without the services of Tyler Eifert.

The second-year tight end was expected to be a big part of the offense this year, and after tearing it up during training camp, it looked certain Eifert was in for a big year. Then came an elbow dislocation in Week 1, which has kept him out since; it has been 11 weeks since he was placed on I.R. with the recall designation.

Butch Hobson doesn't see Eifert returning for the regular season, but could see the Bengals keeping him on the 53-man roster in hopes he can return for the playoffs.

Eifert has to be the biggest question since late last month.  Nobody knows. My gut says he won’t be back for the stretch, but is back for the playoffs.

Eifert caught three passes in just two drives in Week 1 before dislocating his elbow. In six games this year, Jermaine Gresham has failed to catch more than three passes in an entire game. Gresh is averaging 4.9 catches per game over the past seven games, but he's still not the possession tight end Eifert is, who can catch 6 to 8 passes routinely per game.

If the Bengals could get Eifert back in time for the team's first playoff game 'if' they make it that far, he could help Cincinnati end their 2-decade long postseason win drought.