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Do The Bengals Have A Shot At The Super Bowl?

We asked the question on social media and you answered. We breakdown our favorite responses and add our own opinion.

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We asked you, the fans and followers of CincyJungle, what you thought of the Bengals' chances this year to make it to the Super Bowl. Boy, did you answer.

If this were a simple poll on this site the scale would be tipped in the "no chance" or "what are you on" category. Almost all of the responses were of the negative variety. And why not? Have the Bengals shown the fans that they are a team that is capable of winning the AFC championship? A playoff game? Any game not at 1:00 p.m.?

Our Facebook post gained the most responses and debate.

Some of my favorite responses fall into two categories. The first being the ultra positive. I feel it too! I am often accused of being to homerish toward the Bengals and I know I am guilty. That being said, I don't hold a candle to Craig and Jennifer.

Right on. Jen and Craig. You guys are the fans I would most like to share some laughs with in a pre-game tailgate party.

For every action (Craig and Jennifer) there is an equal and opposite reaction:

Rachel thinks Bengals quarterback, Andy Dalton, is not only the reason the Bengals don't have a shot at the Super Bowl, but that he is the single worst thing to ever happen to the Bengals. Maybe we could take the time to remind her of former Bengals like Akili Smith, David Klingler, Neil O'Donnell and Scott Mitchell.

Brandon agrees with the assessment of Dalton. So much that he is full on ready to pull the trigger on a 5th round QB that has zero NFL snaps.

I don't fault them, the sentiment against Dalton was present in many of the answers to our question. Many Bengals fans feel Dalton is not the guy who will lead this team to the playoff wins and Super Bowl appearances we long for. But to put faith into the current third string signal caller for the Bengals reeks of misguided anger. Did a red head steal your lunch money once?

But, I like facts. I want to know more than the simple answer. Tell me why the Bengals will or will not make it. Dan Beck elaborates a little bit in his support of the idea that the Bengals do have a shot.

In Dan's short response he eludes to the fact that Hue Jackson needs to call the right game in the playoffs for the Bengals to advance. He also understands that the right tackle position is filled by a guy who really needs to step up against the better defenses the Bengals are going to face.

The response on Twitter was not positive to say the least. Of all the responses, the majority was that the Bengals had slim to no chance of making the push to the Super Bowl.

@WildCatCoal responded that based on the way the Bengals have lost their games, there was no chance.

Matt White on the other hand thinks the Bengals may have a shot, with some luck.

We can debate all day and really, it makes no difference. The Bengals still have to fight to make the playoffs this season before any scenario can play out. So I leave you with my favorite response across all media. It may not have been an original, but it was well timed.

We are on to Tampa