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Buccaneers take 3-0 lead on Dalton pick and 32-yard field goal

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers take a 3-0 lead after Andy Dalton's game-opening interception. Thankfully the defense stood tall against impossible odds to prevent Tampa from gaining an inch.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Talk about a rough start.

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton launched the football towards A.J. Green on the first offensive play of the game. Either the football sailed or Green ran his route incorrectly... the football was intercepted by Jonathan Banks.

Thankfully the Bengals defense didn't give an inch. Well, they allowed five yards on two plays but an Anthony Collins false start put Tampa back to the ten-yard line on third down. After a fumbled snap, Carlos Dunlap wrapped up quarterback Josh McCown for the sack.

Tampa takes a 3-0 lead.

Cincinnati responded with a three-and-out that was capped by a third down sack by Gerald McCoy (who beat Clint Boling).