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Week 9 NFL Power Rankings

My stab at ranking the 32 teams in the NFL after Week 9.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Another week another bunch of unpredictable results in the NFL. It truly is up for grabs this season as teams come from out of nowhere to surprise everyone (hello Miami). The Bengals may not have won as pretty as some fans wanted, but a win is a win and really all that matters on a week to week basis. So here are the rankings with a new team on top.

NFL Team Wins Losses Ties Rank Previous Rank
New England Patriots 7 2 0 1 2 The way the Patriots handled the Broncos, I don't see any team beating them right now. However, it seems this can change from week-to-week this season.
Arizona Cardinals 7 1 0 2 3 Carson Palmer is having some success in Arizona, I am still not convinced this team is as good as its record.
Denver Broncos 6 2 0 3 1 Peyton Manning could not find an open receiver. A credit to the Patriots who had excellent coverage and confused the QB.
Indianapolis Colts 6 3 0 4 7 The Colts are rolling and beat down the Giants on Monday night. Reggie Wayne proved there is still some life in his old legs.
Philadelphia Eagles 6 2 0 5 4 The Eagles may be in some trouble if they need to rely on the Sanchize to lead this team. Good thing for them that the Cowboys are in a similar boat.
Detroit Lions 6 2 0 6 5 bye
Cincinnati Bengals 5 2 1 7 8 The Bengals have a big test against Cleveland this Thursday. It would be nice to get the big stage win off of our backs against our rivals from the north.
Kansas City Chiefs 5 3 0 8 12 Don't look now but the Chiefs are in position to compete in this division with the Broncos. Not only have they been winning, but they have been winning big.
Green Bay Packers 5 3 0 9 11 bye
Pittsburgh Steelers 6 3 0 10 16 Ben Roethlisberger has two six-touchdown games in a row. This is a far cry from the Steelers offense with which they have had so much success in the past. Then, it was the running game that would get you.
Miami Dolphins 5 3 0 11 17 The Dolphins are on a roll and jump up on the rankings based on the quality of their last few wins.
Baltimore Ravens 5 4 0 12 10 Not a good thing when three of your losses are in your division...
Dallas Cowboys 6 3 0 13 6 This team needs Tony RomoBrandon Weeden is not the answer and when a defense can stack the box, the running game will struggle.
San Diego Chargers 5 4 0 14 9 How how how did they get shut out by the Dolphins? Philip Rivers was having a great season, and this game brought the team back to reality.
Seattle Seahawks 5 3 0 15 14 Not impressed with the defending champs. The trade of Harvin may have been good for morale but bad for the offense.
Buffalo Bills 5 3 0 16 15 bye
Cleveland Browns 5 3 0 17 22 Playoff implications for the Browns in the second half of the season? This is already a successful campaign for the mistake by the lake.
New Orleans Saints 4 4 0 18 19 A team known for the passing attack has enjoyed success on the back of Mark Ingram.
San Francisco 49ers 4 4 0 19 13 I thought Kaepernick scored, but why was the game on the line in the last few seconds?
Houston Texans 4 5 0 20 18 If J.J. Watt is the type of player who gets disgruntled (like Andre Johnson) then the Texans could be in some trouble. He plays outstanding and the losses keep piling up.
Minnesota Vikings 4 5 0 21 24 It was kind of cool to see Zimmer and Gruden coaching against each other.
Carolina Panthers 3 5 1 22 20 Carolina needs to find some offense.
New York Giants 3 5 0 23 21 Tom Coughlin may again be on the hot seat as the Giants don't seem to be competitive this season.
Washington Redskins 3 6 0 24 23 Did Griffin III play well enough to squash the calls for other quaterbacks? I don't think so.
Chicago Bears 3 5 0 25 25 bye
St. Louis Rams 3 5 0 26 27 The Rams have played well in their division games this season. Maybe they can keep the streak alive against the Cardinals on Sunday.
Atlanta Falcons 2 6 0 27 26 bye
Tennessee Titans 2 6 0 28 29 bye
Jacksonville Jaguars 1 8 0 29 28 Denard Robinson runs so well it is hard to remember he was a QB in college. He looks like a true running back and is a weapon for the Jaguars.
New York Jets 1 8 0 30 30 Michael Vick has outplayed Geno Smith which means the Jets are still a terrible team.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1 7 0 31 31 I was hoping Mike Evans could pull one more down in the end zone to give the Browns another loss.
Oakland Raiders 0 8 0 32 32 Another week, another loss.