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Terence Newman: The Bengals are not mature

The veteran cornerback reflects that Cincinnati doesn't have a roster that knows how to respond when faced with on-field adversity.

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Andy Lyons

Oh sure, Cincinnati has older players on their roster and thus SHOULD have a mixture of veteran maturity but... no. That is according to one of the team's oldest players in Terence Newman, who recognizes that Cincinati doesn't know how to react when faced with on-field adversity.

Per Paul Dehner Jr with the Cincinnati Enquirer:

When the topic of this being a veteran team and the consideration of a close-door meeting was brought up Newman stopped his conversation to point out this team isn't veteran at all. Not in age in many spots and not in maturity handling the rough moments.

"You got different personalities and whatnot," Newman said via the Cincinnati Enquirer. "You just hope that everybody can gel. There's different things that happen throughout the course of a game. You know there is going to be some negative things. The important thing is how do you handle those. I don't think we've handled them thus far the three games we've got blown out. That's definitely something we have to work on, handling the negative things."

This almost speaks to George Iloka's perspective that some guys are folding when something bad happens. You have to ask, where are the players making the highest salaries? God forbid that the coaches offer inspiration.

Newman finished with a -2.5 PFF score, which was the second-worst score in the secondary (Adam Jones, -3.0).