As bad as the offense was last night, the defense is more concerning.

The numbers don't lie...

30th in Total Defense

31st in Run defense

19th in Pass defense

How has the D fallen so quickly? No Zimmer? No Atkins full strength? No Burfict for majority of season? All 3 of those things for sure have factored in, but there needs to be a major shakeup in the front seven next season... Teams like Jacksonville and Cleveland with no weapons just go up and down the field with little resistance. Through draft and free agency the team almost need an entirely new set of Defensive Tackles (except Atkins of course) and a couple new Defensive Ends.. it is shocking the way we are getting blown off the ball by average offenses.... I expect to see a major turnover in personnel on that side in the offseason... something needs to happen.

At least on offense, we can hope for a young core of WR, TE, and RB's to be healthy next year.... I realize the hate for Dalton for some on here, there was no defending his poor play last night... but for the most part in his time here, he has shown he can take a team to the playoffs....I refuse to give up on him.....

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