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NFL week 10 TV coverage map

What a sh*tty weekend for the Bengals to have TNF. NFL games on TV, in Cincinnati, kind of suck this Sunday. Those of us with the Red Zone channel will be all over that. If you don't have the RZ channel... sorry.

Thomas B. Shea

The Cincinnati Bengals are enjoying (essentially) a mini-bye after playing Thursday Night's game against the Cleveland Browns. We're pretty sure that they played. I mean, we saw them. Clear as day. Yet, if someone made the argument that they didn't play on Thursday, I'd listen. Of course I would.

Anyway, Sunday is open for Bengals fans. If you're pushing your honey-do list for Sunday due to the impressive slate of college football games on Saturday, that would be understandable. In fact, it might be preferable if you continue reading this post. If you're intending to do the same thing this Sunday as any other Sunday (and you live in Cincinnati), then here's your schedule.

CBS has a single-header this weekend. For those of us living in Cincinnati (or its neighborhoods), we're getting the Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Jets on CBS. Fox, which has the double-headers, has the Cowboys and Jaguars in London...

week 10 fx coverage map early game

That's right, Cincinnati. Instead of getting the more competitive game between the San Francisco 49ers and the New Orleans Saints, the Bengals next opponent, someone with a crack-pipe, two gallons of Budweiser and a dartboard said... let's give Cincinnati the Cowboys and Jaguars game in London because of... reasons! In an ocean of red coverage map, there's a blue island hovering in Cincinnati. Who makes these calls?!

Thankfully, I'm financially comfortable enough to afford the Time Warner sports package, which includes the Red Zone channel -- so I don't have to watch that trash on Fox. If you're not financially comfortable enough to have the Red Zone channel, have fun watching the Steelers and Jets, because Fox in Cincinnati is going to have a rolling stack of hay as an audience. Unless you're a Cowboys enthusiast, then that explains a lot. Then again... Steelers and Jets.. ugh.

1 p.m.

Pittsburgh Steelers at New York Jets (CBS)
Dallas Cowboys at Jacksonville Jaguars (FOX)

4 p.m.

New York Giants at Seattle Seahawks (FOX)

8:30 p.m.

Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers (NBC)