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Are the Bengals spoilers, hunters, or contenders

Time to pay the bills - At this stage of the season, are the Cincinnati Bengals spoilers, hunters or contenders? After Thursday Night's game, maybe they're neither.

Talk about timing.

The Cincinnati Bengals are coming off a 24-3 loss to the Cleveland Browns on Thursday Night Football, and now we're at a crossroads for this season.

How would you even define them right now? Their passing game was sickening. The running game is alright, when Hue Jackson doesn't force a ridiculous game-plan of Andy Dalton, despite Dalton's struggles all evening. Dalton is 10 of 25? Sure. Let's throw it. Defense? They're ranked in the 30s. Pass rush? Ranked in the mid-20s. Pass defense? Run defense?

So what are we? Are the Cincinnati Bengals spoilers for other teams now? Are they still contenders for a postseason berth or are they hunters? I'm not sure what he means by hunters, but idealizing the basic definition of the word, they're not hunters.

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