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Bengals fans featured in New York Times story

If you were watching the Bengals and Browns game from Thursday Night Football at the 5 Line Tavern and Lounge in Los Angeles, drop a line in the comments.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

This is kind of awesome.

There's a place in Los Angeles that Bengals fans convene called the 5 Line Tavern and Lounge in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles. The New York Times ran a story about the NFL being without an NFL team, but having fans of all 32 teams represented.

The story specifically focused on Bengals and Browns fans who watched Thursday's game.

Later, about 10 miles from the Dog Pound diaspora, Todd Armstrong’s shoulders slumped as he and about 25 Cincinnati Bengals fans, many in orange "Who Dey?" T-shirts, watched a familiar horror unfold at the 5 Line Tavern in Eagle Rock: Quarterback Andy Dalton interrupted the monotony of another incompletion by throwing his third interception of the night.

"I’ve seen this before," Armstrong said as he took another pull on his mug of beer.

It's things like these that makes us consider a project to create a Cincy Jungle map of bars and taverns around the country. If someone would be interested in headlining a project that details and maps out watering holes for Bengals games, let us know. That would be fun. Maybe if you're good with graphics, make an actual map of CJ locations and make it appear all piratey.