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Fan on fan violence erupts after Bengals win

There was a fight at Raymond James Stadium between Bengals fans and a lonely Buccaneers fan. As you can imagine, it turned out not-happy for mostly everyone involved.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Let us know if you've heard this one before... there was a fight between people, after Cincinnati's 14-13 win over the Buccaneers, at Raymond James Stadium. You can see the video at Deadspin.

My initial thoughts...

1) If you think that this is a Bengals fan issue, or concurrently, a Buccaneers fan issue, then you're not paying attention to the endless amounts violence between people with opposing interests among teams. Yes. It happens everywhere and it sadly happens in all manners of sports. Except soccer. They are at a completely different level of violence. Not that I'm completely stereotyping international soccer.

2) No, people aren't interested enough to prevent it, especially when there's THAT much alcohol present. Alcohol is money and fan-on-fan violence can be somewhat entertaining -- particularly for a Buccaneers fan who takes a shot in the kisser and returns to the fray. I do not condone fighting after victory but I do condone having good brakes. Well played, Jeep.

3) Why is there a Buccaneers fan cutting into a group of Bengals fans? What's the point in that? "Hey, going to get my ass kicked... check it out." I guess?

4) Wow. Woman. Cray-cray.

5) C'mon Bengals fan wearing No. 18 jersey... don't use the distraction of cray-cray woman to get a good shot in.

6) Police... hello? Police? Hello...