Sanu as FG kicker?

Apparently, Mike Nugent's dad died suddenly, and he has missed practice Wed., and Thursday. The emergency kicker and the guy who has been kicking in practice this week? According to Hobson, it is of course, Mohammed Sanu, is there anything he can't do?

From the official site--

" With Mike Nugent missing his second day in the wake of his father's sudden death Monday night, wide receiverMohamed Sanu has taken over the kicking duties in practice. On Wednesday he was four out of five kicking field goals from as far away as 45 yards and on Thursday he said he hit the upright three times. He continues to amaze as the Bengals most versatile player. Sanu, the emergency quarterback who is 5-for-5 in his NFL passing career, was a kicker in youth leagues and punted in high school."

Prayers out to Nuge, it is never easy to lose your father.

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