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One Michigan Blog: Marvin Lewis' name being kicked around at Michigan

One rumor sprouting at one Michigan website says that the athletic department is kicking around Marvin Lewis' name a little bit. Big college head coaching search... you know how these things go.

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It doesn't feel like Michigan's head coaching job holds the same prestige that it used to. Maybe it's program degradation from the previous administrations and/or head coaching tenants. Perhaps this is my reflection, who proudly wears scarlet and gray. Who knows... either way, Michigan is still searching for a new coach after firing Brady Hoke after a 5-7 season in 2014 -- concluding his Michigan career with a 31-20 record but no Big Ten Championships.

According to, one name that Michigan is "kicking around at some level inside the department" is Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis.

PLAN B. Here's a weird-ass name I don't fully believe but know they're kicking around at some level inside the department: Marvin Lewis. The Bengals are currently at the top of the AFC North but Lewis has been on precarious ground for a while now—he got a one-year extension just before this season and would likely have to be extended again. The Bengals have been on the verge of a change there for a long time. Lewis comes with all the usual NFL hangups but at his age (57) he would likely be retiring at a hypothetical college job.

Wouldn't put too much into that since a boatload of names get kicked around, but if Cinci does fire the guy keep an eye on him.

Beyond that, I've heard that you shouldn't take reports that so-and-so college coach isn't interested at all seriously. That's a good general rule. It is a better one in this specific case. I know that people who have supposedly ruled themselves out have done no such thing and would welcome sincere post-Harbaugh interest from M.

(H/T Andrew for the lead)

First off... the Bengals are NOT going to fire Lewis, who signed a one-year extension on March 14, 2014 (meaning that he's signed through 2015).

And if you're wondering about a connection, so are we. Marvin Lewis is from Pennsylvania -- born and raised near Pittsburgh. He played college ball at Idaho State, where he began his coaching career before moving onto Long Beach State, New Mexico, Pitt, and then the NFL (Steelers, Ravens, Redskins and now Bengals).

They add later, "I also mentioned it was weirdass and I didn't expect anything to come of it."

We're sure that this is rumor-based information that tends to happen at major colleges missing a head coach... and an athletic director.

What are your thoughts? Lewis is offered the job and you:

1) Drive him to the airport... then ask for gas money. 
2) Rip out your eyeballs and then do a self-lobotomy to forget this
3) Probably go, "hum, interesting", then move on.