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Bengals vs. Browns: Fan Predictions

The Bengals head to Cleveland to take on the Browns in a must-win game for both teams' playoff hopes.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

We as the Cincy Jungle staff can only offer so many opinions come game-time. And because of this, we shall tap into the unending reservoir that is the Bengals fanbase.

With an impending round two matchup against the Cleveland Browns and Johnny Manziel slated to make his first career NFL start against Cincinnati, Bengals fans were questioned about their opinions regarding this important AFC North clash, and what they expect from Johnny Football.

So, what's the game plan for Sunday? Well, these guys sound like they have a pretty good idea of what it should be. The overwhelming predictions from fans were those of a positive nature, and it sounds like several were even surprised that Manziel got the start over Hoyer.

"Our defense has to keep tight coverage. Our offensive line has to protect the run and allow Dalton more time in the pocket than they have been by collapsing shortly after a snap. We're banged up and bruised but not out. As for Manziel......I hope we give him second thoughts of being so anxious for a starting position. WHO DEY!!"

-Charles Mast

"I think we win in Cleveland. Manziel is making his first start, and it is a huge first start. Both teams are going to be motivated. The Bengals don't want to get swept by the Browns or lose two straight. Everyone had better step up. Andy and Maualuga need to step up as leaders. I don't expect much from [Manziel]. It's his first game. It's also a first game against a rival. They want Manziel's head."

-Joe Johnson

"Johnny is starting against a real pro defense for the first time in his life. I honestly cannot believe they are pulling Hoyer because the fans want him. It's one thing when you are 2-10, but at this point they are basically giving up on making the playoffs while they are having the best season they have in years, and in position to get it done."

-Rob Bader

"I honestly feel great about this game, oddly enough. The Browns were hot when they beat us a few weeks ago, and they've cooled off significantly since. Not to mention they've ONCE AGAIN benched their starting QB for some kid they just drafted, who isn't ready. The difference is this time they're in the middle of a playoff race so the decision looks even more dumb."

-Kyle Phelps