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Paul Daugherty story on Chris Henry

Cincinnati Enquirer columnist Paul Daugherty writes a long-form story that reflects on Chris Henry nearly five years after his death.

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Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Enquirer published an excellent story, written by Paul Daugherty, in long-form -- an article that's longer than usual with a magazine-like appearance. The story reflects on Henry the person and player nearly five years after his death.

Only, Chris Henry wasn't a thug. His short life was too complex to be caricatured. We didn't know him at all. He'd been arrested five times and suspended twice from the NFL, for a total of 10 games. His rap sheet was so lengthy – marijuana possession, a concealed weapon charge, a DUI, a probation violation, serving alcohol to minors – that a local judge in 2008 called Henry "a one-man crime wave." Henry was also overly generous and exceedingly kind.

Definitely set time out of your day to read.