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POLL: What was your favorite celebration by the Bengals?

The Bengals flashed a handful of Manziel Money Signs, and Jeremy Hill had a couple celebrations of his own. Which one was your favorite?

Money money money!
Money money money!
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Late in the first quarter, Johnny Manziel was sacked by Wallace Gilberry on a failed read-option. Gilberry immediately did Manziel's signature celebration:

Gilberry deserves kudos for going right at Manziel and taking him down, instead of immediately going for the running back to no avail, like the Bengals did repeatedly in the Panthers game earlier this year. Gilberry also deserves credit for being the first player on either side to flash the Money Sign during the game, and style points for aiming it at the pro-Browns crowd and then maintaining it in spite of the heavy boos directed at him. That's gumption.

In the second quarter, Manziel attempted a quick pass which was batted down by Rey Maualuga. Maualuga was pumped-up, and instead of going for the crowd, he flashed the Money Sign right in Manziel's face:

This drew a 15-yard taunting penalty from the refs. I was mildly unhappy about the penalty, but in the back of my mind I was grinning widely. Maualuga gets major style points for directly giving Manziel a dose of his own medicine.

Later, Adam Jones did a Money Sign off an interception, and then Gilberry did yet another one on another failed read-option. Also, Geno Atkins sacked Manziel but didn't even do a Money Sign at all, either because he didn't want to draw the refs' attention or because he is simply a humble guy. Early in the third quarter, Brandon Thompson burst through the line and did an incredible one-handed sack, taunting Manziel and the Browns fans afterward:

Thompson's attitude is "no mercy," and this pour-it-on mentality extended to the entire team for the whole game, capped by the final drive and Rex Burkhead's middle-finger touchdown when the Bengals could have otherwise kneeled it.

At the end of the third quarter, Carlos Dunlap trolled Manziel with his own version of the Money Sign, adding in an extra uppercut:

Google Dictionary defines "ludicrous" as "so foolish, unreasonable, or out of place as to be amusing; ridiculous." If Google decided to use accompanying photos for certain words, like in printed dictionaries, a headshot of Skip would be a perfect choice for "ludicrous."

Back to the first quarter. After Jeremy Hill's first TD run, he mocked LeBron James:

Hill pretended that he was about to mime LeBron's ritual of pouring chalk into his palms and tossing it up into the air, but then he threw the mock-powdered chalk into the dirt and proceeded to do his personal celebration, which we have seen after multiple of his TD's this season so far. As the Browns fans were chanting, Hill put his hand to his ear as if to communicate "can you say that louder, please?"

Jeremy Hill a-hole chant

In the second quarter, after Hill's second TD run, he tried to channel his inner Chad Ochocinco and jump into the Dawg Pound:

Hill was rejected, but he obviously deserves credit for trying to leap into the stands of an opponent's rabid fan base. He then did his own Money Sign. And at the conclusion of the half, he fired back: