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Audio and transcript of postgame spat between Jermaine Gresham and Dave Lapham

ESPN 1530 released the audio of the postgame spat between Jermaine Gresham and Dave Lapham, which took away the focus after a 30-0 win against the Cleveland Browns.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

If Bengals tight end Jermaine Gresham wants out of Cincinnati, then he's making that path all the more accessible. According to Fox Sports, there's a dispute as to whether or not Gresham should have played on Sunday. Gresham goes on to disrupt a postgame interview between head coach Marvin Lewis and Dave Lapham, the analyst on the team's radio network.

Lindsay Patterson released the audio of the confrontation on her blog at ESPN 1530.

The audio picks up with a postgame interview with Dave Lapham, who is speaking with head coach Marvin Lewis when the coach says, obviously turning away from the microphone "I can't hear you. I can't."

Gresham starts talking (which is inaudible) while Lapham is talking and head coach Marvin Lewis thinks that he's the one that Gresham is talking to. Lewis says, "I can't here" and then adds, "No, I can't." Obviously Gresham is in the background talking but most of what he said is inaudible (so some of it is guess work).

Then Lapham asks, "what's that?"

Gresham: "You say I quit on the team."
Lapham: "I didn't say anything about quitting on anybody." 
Gresham: "Yes, you did."
Lapham: "No I didn't." 
Gresham: "Yes, you did." 
Lapham: "Alright, we'll run the tape. We'll run the tape. There was never a word 'quit'. Never."

Then Lapham gets back to the interview as if nothing happened.

Later the two chatted and Lapham allowed him the opportunity to talk about it on the air.

Lapham: "Didn't say that, man. Didn't say that. Jermaine Gresham. You want to tell us, you want to talk about it?"

We think that Gresham said, "I ain't going on with you."

That was that.