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Jeremy Hill does LeBron James chalk toss after running over Browns (VIDEO)

The Bengals and Jeremy Hill ran over the Browns and Johnny Manziel, and NBA star LeBron James somehow got dissed as well.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The Bengals ran over the Browns on Sunday, and there was plenty of taunting to go around. Cincinnati was none too thrilled with not only getting embarrassed by the Browns in Week 10, but the story all week coming into this game: Johnny Manziel.

The Browns rookie was getting his first NFL start against the Bengals, and it's all anyone wanted to talk about last week. Manziel is an iconic figure, and even Cleveland Cavaliers forward and NBA MVP LeBron James is a good friend of Manziel.

The Bengals made sure Manziel never flashed his 'money' sign, and they even flashed it themselves several times. Jeremy Hill took it a step further after he scored his first touchdown, flashing LeBron's signature 'chalk toss.'

Oh, how good that game felt. Hill talks about as much trash publically as any player the Bengals have, but you have to respect his ability to back it up.