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Marvin Lewis on Jermaine Gresham: Doesn't have anything debilitating

The Jermaine Gresham storyline is over and everyone is dropping it, save for the specifics about his toe injury. One last point on that and we'll move on with everyone else.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like the future of Jermaine Gresham is very murky as the veteran tight end, self-titled villain, had gone from a quiet productive blocker and occasional receiver, to red-faced hatrer of people named Dave Lapham. But we've known that for awhile. In addition to that, Cincinnati was reportedly expecting Gresham to play on Sunday after he "looked great running around" during pregame warmups.

Thinking that there would be some questions during Marvin Lewis' weekly presser, a pot of coffee was brewed and a pizza ordered. 10 minutes into the press conference, the question was asked:

Was there any chance that Gresham could have played yesterday?

"We put him through his paces before the game, and he just felt like he was in too much pain to be able to stand and play out the whole football game or, at least, a major portion of it. He doesn't have anything debilitating, he was just in some pain. It just cropped up too late in the week to get it calmed down enough, so hopefully it'll be ready to go."

The next question... "Is it too early to ask about Peyton?"

Everyone laughed. Lewis said that he's spending time studying the defense, when a beat writer (logically) said you probably should think about Peyton too, huh? I mean, right?!

Wait, what? No follow up question? A confrontation happens live on the radio, while Marvin Lewis is PRESENT, and then the Fox Sports report comes out later that night and there's no follow up questions after a good ice breaker like that? Maybe the media isn't expecting much of an answer, or there's nothing gained from it (not that there's anything gained from press conferences anymore anyway). I mean Lewis got into trouble (again) for dropping his filter last week... maybe he's extra-guarded this week. Anyway...

Here's the scorecard (do not read if you're easily offended by inappropriate language, even when it's said in a humorous nature):

Gresham is a dick to Lapham, who (according to those that listened) believed that Gresham should have played. So Lapham is a dick to Gresham, too for calling him out on live radio. Apparently the media missed this and the Fox Sports report to ask Lewis about it, who is a dick to Johnny Manziel (who is a dick to offenses in the history of the NFL). The media is a dick to us (because they ignore us... Well not Mo Egger and Lindsay Patterson) and I'm a dick to you, for not letting this die a quiet death. So... everyone is a dick.