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NFL Power Rankings Roundup: Getting Interesting

The Cincinnati Bengals have an average Power Ranking of 11.2 based on the six major sites we follow. They fall between 13 and a high of 9.

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Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Even though it has been talked about all season, the AFC North race is very interesting. The Bengals hold the cards for their own destiny. It is simple, win out and you are in. But, they face two good football teams possibly both in primetime. So really, the fact that most of these rankings have other AFC North teams above the Bengals mean nothing. Many teams will play for their fate in the postseason over the next two weeks. One thing we know for certain, these rankings will have no bearing on the outcome of any of the games.

We love them though. We want to know what the word is, or what a handful of so called experts think of our team. Some look to validate what they were already thinking. Others look to prove we know more than these talking heads.

(Like these fellas from Sunday)

So here is where the Bengals fall in the sites we like to follow for Power Rankings.

PUBLICATION Current Last Week Change
ESPN 11 13 +2
Fox Sports 13 17 +4
USA Today 11 13 +2
CBS Sports 9 9 0 11 12 +1
SB Nation


13 +1
11.2 12.8


Take these rankings for what they are worth, a whole lotta nothing.