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An awesome card but graphics designed by children

Meet Royce Berry.

Royce Berry, drafted in the seventh round of the 1969 common draft, was a former defensive end for the Cincinnati Bengals. Berry scored a touchdown on a 58-yard fumble return, helping secure a 17-16 halftime lead over the Cleveland Browns on Oct. 11, 1970. Eventually the Browns won, 30-27.

However, this sports card...

Royce Berry awesome looking.

Just look at the graphic in the lower left-hand corner.

card graphic

card graphic

card graphic

Yep. That's how they viewed football players 40 years ago. With a freaking tumor protruding out of their clavicle.


How about the hunchback of the NFL?

The Kim Kardashian of shoulders?

The first shoulder pads... also known as a bean-bag chair.