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Who Wins The AFC North

Our weekly discussion of what team steps forward and takes this division. The Bengals had a chance for some separation, but now it looks like this is going to all come down to week 17.

Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

As other division shape ups form and teams are crowned division champs, the AFC North continues to be one of the tightest races in football. Three teams are vying for the top spot. The Bengals can conceivably clinch the division this weekend with a win over the Broncos if both the Steelers and Ravens lose their respective games. Chances are slim for that as the Ravens face a favorable opponent.

So as we stand, the Bengals cling to their half game lead in the division. The picture currently looks like this:

Cincinnati Bengals 9 4 1 .679 3-2 6-4
Pittsburgh Steelers 9 5 0 .643 3-2 7-3
Baltimore Ravens 9 5 0 .643 2-3 5-5
Cleveland Browns 7 7 0 .500 2-3 4-7

In all likelihood, the Bengals Vs. Steelers game in the final week of the season will decide if the Bengals win the division or not.

Originally we ran this poll after the Bengals faced the Browns on the Thursday night matchup we would all like to forget. The poll absolutely did not favor the Cincinnati Boys.

The second poll followed the Bengals win over the Saints and Texans. More of you were on board with the Bengals, but the race was still tight.

The third poll chased the 3 game road winning streak. Couple that with the fact that every other division team lost and fan confidence was very high. You were sure this was the Bengals division and they ran away with the poll.

The Bengals carried a slight lead last week as they edged the Steelers in your poll:

Hopefully the stars align and the Bengals top the Broncos on Monday as the rest of the North falls. Then this would be our final poll. I have a feeling though that at least one of the other teams the Bengals need to lose gets their win to make this all come down to the final week.