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Inside the NFL keeps picking against the Bengals

The Inside the NFL crew likes the Denver Broncos this Monday Night against the Cincinnati Bengals. Ed Reed went a bit over-dramatic, but that happens.

After the Inside the NFL crew went crazy and picked Johnny Manziel's Browns to beat the Cincinnati Bengals last week, the same crew went with the more conservative approach and picked Denver to beat Cincinnati for Monday Night Football.

"I don’t believe Andy Dalton has won a prime-time game and this is a prime-time game," said Ed Reed.

We have to wonder if this is slightly sensational for theatrics of the situation (aka, winning the big game in front of a national audience) or if he's actually talking about the lights. Because we're fairly certain that Cincinnati beat the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday Night Football (week two, 2013) and Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday Night (week 15, 2012) with Andy Dalton quarterbacking.

Yea, but it wasn't really that important...